Welcome to the Robles Pumpkin Patch at Plaza West Covina, Montebello Mall and our newest location Puente Hills Mall. 

From our Family to yours, we invite you to celebrate the fall season. Come out and take lots of pictures of the family. Make those memories. They grow up too fast. 

The Robles Family. 

Be sure to book your birthday Celebration or School Field Trip.

We offer wrist bands and birthday party packages for birthday Celebrations. We will open the Pumpkin Patch early mornings to facilitate all school field trips. 

Please call Gabriel at 626-377-6751 for more information. 

Robles Pumpkin Festival 
Plaza West Covna
Puente Hills Mall
Montebello Mall


100 S. California St
West Covina, CA, 91739, US

About us

We are working hard to keep family tradition alive. Children, family and friends are our number 1 priority. This is why we host the Pumpkin Festival. Please continue to support us as we continue to fight for our tradition of bringing families together during the Holidays. 

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